Dream 2

One of my retirement dreams, Dream 2, is to learn to draw and paint.  Attached find a few sketches after completing one drawing class at the local community college.    As you can see, I have an affinity toward the tropics and sailing ships.   I hope to research and develop more ship details along with drawing skills.   As part of my last home assignment, my instructor said to me, “You can draw all the palm trees that you want.”  

DrawingHomeworkI DrawingHomeworkII DrawingHomeworkIV
Homework I
Homework II
Homework IV
DrawingSanibelCauseway DrawingAudobonsBackyard DrawingBlackpowderLucille
Sanibel Causeway
Audobon's Backyard
Black Powder Rifle
Saint Paul France
Pellingrini Bottle
A Tribute to Doc
USSRobertsCatSchooneratCocoaBeach RoadtoJekyllIsalndCampground
USS Roberts
Cat Schooner at Cocoa Beach
Road to Jekyll Island Campground
Fenetre de Saint Paul L'isola di Capri Mykonos Greece
Fenetre de Saint Paul France
L'isola di Capri Italy
Mykonos Greece
Nantucket Lobstah House Nobska Lighthouse
Nantucket Lobstah House
Nobska Lighthouse
Hyannis Pond
Hyannis Hollyhocks My Backyard Brant Point Lighthouse
Hyannis Hollyhocks
My Backyard
Brant Point Lighthouse Nantucket

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