This dream began about one to two years before I retired. We had been traveling to Florida for about the past 26 years as of this writing. With that much experience in Florida, I would need a pool to endure the summer heat. This page was written three months after my move.  It is like I am still on vacation.  I am enjoying every day and not thinking about my next camping trip or cruise.  I am at the destination to which I used to camp.  This page is preliminary. A  further analysis will be written in a year.  Retirement experts recommend that retirees not relocate for at least two years into retirement.  “Relocation is not just a financial decision it is also an emotional decision.”   I understand why.  There is the sale of one’s existing house, the purchase of a new house and the coordination of the move.  This is complicated by having to manage the purchase of the new house remotely.  Due to conflict of interest laws in Florida, the Florida Real Estate Agent is very limited compared to my home state.  Real Estate agents are not allowed to coordinate home inspections whereas in my home state, the agents are present during the inspection.  This had to be managed remotely.

I cut my relocation timetable short by one month to the day.  In other words, I relocated exactly 23 months after my retirement.  The relocation required coordinating the sale of my existing house with the purchase of my new house in Florida with a moving company.

Major issues to moving to Florida are the location of sinkholes and the availability of homeowners insurance.  My present insurance company had a moratorium on the sales of new home owner’s policies in Florida.

Preparing for Retirement, Larry Burkett, page 135, ©1992 Larry Burkett/Christian Financial Concepts


Day One 06182010 in the rain Swimming and Grilling Backyard Palm Tree
Day One June 18, 2010 Watching the Rain A Life of Grilling and Swimming Backyard Palm Tree
Backyard Butterfly Backyard Orange Tree Backyard Key Lime Tree
Backyard Butterfly Backyard Orange Tree Backyard Key Lime Tree
2.9 Miles Away The Pier Do I Want to Go Back
2.9 Miles Away 20 Miles Away Do I Want to Go Back?

My retirement days in Florida consists of exploring, meeting new friends, reading, grilling, creating new recipes, learning new things, lawn work encapsulated by a morning bicycle ride and an evening swim.  It has only been three months and I have not started items 3-5, 9-11, 13, 16-18, 20, 22 ,24 ,26-28, 31, 36-37,39, 41-52,54.  I have to leave some dreams to remain as dreams.

Click to play. You may need to download a plugin with FireFox. Works in IE. The Ferrous Oxide that you see on the sidewalks is from shallow well lawn watering.


Selecting a moving company.

I used the website as my primary source of information


Verify your selected mover with the DOT using their USDOT number.

Be aware of companies that subcontract.  Our furniture was moved to a warehouse and then picked up by a subcontractor for the interstate move.  There was a lot of damage.  The insurance company wants receipts for antiques that were passed on from generation to generation.

Becoming a Florida Resident.

I recommend getting a copy of Florida Residency Guide

Open a bank account to minimize the complications of using out of state personal checks

To establish formal residency, complete the Declaration of Domicile for the appropriate county.  The forms by county can be found at

Change of Address

The United States Postal Service provides the ability to change address online

with the ability to hold mail until the new address is active.

   Is it possible to submit a Hold Mail request with an active Change of Address (COA)?

Yes, it is possible to submit a Hold Mail request with an active COA: