Dream 28

Dream 28 on my retirement page is to return to scuba diving.  For the sake of this page, you will find a few photos from my diving experiences.  Most were taken in off of Grand Cayman Island Grand Cayman Island
with a couple from the Virgin Islands.  The underwater ships scenes are of the R.M.S Rhone off of Salt Island in the British Virgin Islands. R.M.S. Rhone.  Many of the open water scenes in the movie The Deep were filmed on the R.M.S Rhone The Deep
.  The sea turtle was taken at a depth of 80 feet off of Grand Cayman Island.  My photography instructor was Cathy Church.
Cathy Church

On my second trip to Grand Cayman Island, I was evacuated as Hurricane Allen blew through. Hurricane Allen

Blue Angel Sea Fan Squirrel Fish
Bonnie Charles Arrowhead Crab Hermit Crab
Peterson shrimp on brain coralYellowtail Snapper
80 Ft down Inside the Rhone RMS Rhone

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