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Mexican Cuisine Workshop & Tasting

As an excursion from our Carnival Dream cruise, we took the Mexican Cusine Cooking and Tasting Workshop at the Playa Mia Grand Beach Park in Cozumel Mexico. We totally enjoyed the class and plan on returning. Chef Luis made the class. The first lesson was on how to wash our hands. We each made Caramelized Plaintains, Devil Style Shrimp Sopas and Tamarind Grouper Fillet. We timed the cooking times by counting backwards in Spanish, by singing various Spanish songs or by repeating the verses of La Cucaracha

La cucaracha, la cucaracha,
ya no puede caminar
porque le falta, porque no tiene
las dos patitas de atrás.

Chef Luis conpletely made the class exciting and entertaining

Chef Luis

This video is from Youtube. Apparently, the recipes are not the same. Therefore, I want to return for the next three recipes.

Nancy D. Brown Youtube


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Playa Mia Brochure
Playa Mia Recipes
Playa Mia Brochure
Playa Mia Recipe
Chef luis con staff
Yes Chef
Chef Luis con staff
Yes Chef!
Frying Grouper
Frying Vegetables
Frying Grouper
Frying Vegetables in Olive Oil
Cooking Shrimp in Tomato Purre & Chipotle
Devil Style Shrimp Sopes
Cooking Shrimp inTomato Puree and Chipotle
Devil Style Shrimp Sopes

In addition to cooking, we learned how to present the plate. First, we had to put our names on the plates. This was done with a flour, water and food coloring paste. The plates would be given to us in the upstairs dining room overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Each cook had to eat his or her own cooking.

Presenting Chocolate Plaintians
Presenting Devil Style Shrimp Sopes
Presenting Chocolate Plaintains
Presenting Devil Shrimp Sopes

After the class we were allowed to enjoy the Playa Mia Beach Resort

Playa Mia Beach
Playa Mia Facilites
Playa Mia Beach
Playa Mia Facilities


Chef Luis and me




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