Dream 57

I had kayaked once or twice before moving to paradise.  I live 5 miles from an alligator infested lake and 5 miles from a bull shark infested river.  It is the fisherman who attract the predators so I stay away from them.  I have a couple of safe spots. My son and daughter gave to me a sit-in kayak for my birthday. 

Kayaking at Coco Cay Kayaking at Coco Cay 3 View of my pavillion from a kayak
Coco Cay Bahamas
Coco Cay Bahamas
View from my kayak Fox Lake
Kayaking with Kathryn on a windy day Kayaking in the Indian River Kayaka in the truck
Kayaking with my daughter
Two Kayaks on the Indian River
Two Kayaks in the truck
Bob KayakingKayaking 19Kayaking 31
Me, Kayaking
Kayak 19
Kayak 31
Horseshoe Crab Island
Kayaking 39
Boat on Sandbar
Horsecrabs on Horsecrab Island
Kayak 39
Sandbar on Horsecrab Island

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