Every year we go to Florida to camp.  Maybe one day I will move there.  In the meantime, I'll camp.  Having said that, I have registered my domain name as Laptops in the Sand.

  This future site will include my favorite campgrounds.  So far, my camping has been limited the East Coast from Nova Scotia Canada to Key West Florida.
CruisingCRUISING  Twenty-five years ago, my wife and I started to camp together in a two man mountain tent in Canada. As children came along, we progressed to a larger tent.  As they got bigger, we bought a used pop-up trailer.  As they got even bigger, we bought a larger pop-up with hot water and a refrigerator.  Our next step is to a ultralight hard side..  
RetirementRETIREMENT In addition to camping pages, this site includes a cruising and a retirement page. I retired after 39 years, 7 months 17 days as a Senior Staff Consultant from a major telecommunications company.

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